The ERB has replaced the WISC test, which supposedly measures intelligence, with the Primary Level ISEE, an achievement test, for admission for applicants to 2nd-4th grade.

The all online test (given on an ipad) is administered at the ERB New York Office in small groups. Registration opened online in mid August and testing began on November 1st.

According to Molly Phelan of Noodle Pros, there are some differences between each of the Primary Level exams. Both the Primary Level 2 and 3 exams (for students currently in 1st and 2nd grades) “contain a picture with the Writing Prompt, which offers students the opportunity to be creative and self-expressive with their individual writing styles. In Primary Level 2 Reading Comprehension, there is a short Auditory Comprehension section that tests how students listen to a passage, which contains no text. Students then answer questions that relate to the passage.”

For all Primary Level tests, the Writing section is untimed, allowing all students to type at their own pace.