How to Apply to the Top New York Private Schools

Welcome to the world of New York City Kindergarten through High School Admissions (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale, Westchester).

Wondering how to apply to top New York private schools? Here is your three minute introduction to NYC private school admission, narrated by one of NYC’s longest practicing private school consultants. You’ll learn how the timeline works and how far in advance you should start the admissions process.

I have been helping families apply to top New York private schools for more than 20 years. Learn about how you can work with me.

What Our Families Say:

“We received 6 letters so far out of the 7 schools. And they are ALL acceptances!!! We still can’t believe our luck! Thank you, Emily. We tried to do this on our own when we first moved to NYC but both children were completely shut out. You are the difference this time around!”

-Dad, Upper East Side

“Jason will definitely be going to a well-known private school this fall! I have several friends who are on wait lists only so I feel fortunate. I can’t thank you enough, Emily, for all of your support and insight during this process. You are truly exceptional at what you do and I’m sure there are many other happy and relieved families who are so thankful to you as well.”

Mom, Upper East Side

“I continue to be very grateful for your help with the school admissions process. One might say my son was a “sure thing” getting into well-known top-tier private school (where he now does so well), but there is no such thing as a “sure thing”. The school admission process in NYC is so very tough, thank you for helping us navigate it and for making these amazing opportunities possible for my son.”

-Mom, Brooklyn Heights

“Thank you again for everything — your big-picture guidance, coupled with your precise and specific feedback on multiple essays, interview preparation, and even thank you notes, ensured your child’s admission into our first-choice school. Getting into private school in NYC really requires a strategy plan, and we are grateful for your guidance in crafting one that was successful.”

Mom, Brooklyn Heights

Now’s your chance to avoid costly mistakes and help your child get in. While we limit enrollment, we are still accepting reservations from new families on a first-come, first-served basis, with preference to families referred by current clients. At Abacus Guide, we care about your child’s success, so we’ll offer you plenty of guidance and support as you go through the private school admissions process. We look forward to hearing from you.