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At Abacus Guide Educational Consulting, we have been in practice for over twenty years—longer than almost every other NYC private school consultant. We have a vast breadth of admissions knowledge, which we share only with our clients. Just like you, Abacus Guide cares deeply about your child’s success. Whether it's a NYC or Westchester private school search, strategic admissions support, interview preparation or private school essay/application review, now is the time to secure your child's spot. Every year, our programs sell out.

Learn about New York City school admission (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale, Westchester) from NYC's most respected educational consultant.

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NOW is the Time: NYC Private School Admissions Consulting...

If your child will be going through the NYC private school application process for 2021 Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale or Westchester private school admission, now is your time to get started getting help.

Due to the COVID pandemic, we are currently families get into private schools in Florida, the Hamptons, New York State, LA, Seattle and elsewhere. We're also helping families hoping to "upgrade" within NYC private schools.

This is your family's chance to work with Emily Glickman, one of NYC's most experienced and respected private school consultants. Emily has been featured in every major New York publication as well as many from around the world. In her more than twenty years in practice, Emily has been trusted by thousands of educated, distinguished New Yorkers and countless relocating families from around the US and the globe to help ensure their children's success.

For 2019-2020 admission more parents than ever wanted to book with Abacus Guide; we had to turn many families away. For 2020-2021, help your child get into the country's best private schools by signing up early.  Now is the Time.

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Emily Glickman, "president of Abacus Guide Educational Consulting, coaches families on getting their children into the best New York City private schools."

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