Does Harvard set a quota on how many Asian-American students are accepted and are acceptance standards for Asian-Americans higher than for other racial groups? A case seen as a referendum on affirmative action is taking place in Boston, with possible repercussions on admissions not only at Harvard but at all colleges. For an excellent discussion of the case, What’s at Stake in the Harvard Lawsuit? Decades of Debate Over Race in Admissions

Meanwhile, armchair followers of the case are gleaning admissions hints. The Wall Street Journal helpfully summarizes them: Knowing the 13 Secret Steps into Harvard Doesn’t Make Admission Any Easier

In brief,

Step 1: Move to Montana.

Step 2: Scrap that. Move to New York City or Boston.

Step 3: Persuade your parents to become chefs or car mechanics.

Step 4: Mark “classics” as your intended concentration.

Step 5: Show how much you love learning.

Step 6: Tell your teachers to call you the best student ever. Not just the best this year-the best ever.

Step 7: Tell a compelling story.

Step 8: Don’t come off as arrogant, aggressive, unhappy or boring.

Step 9: Do come off as mature, effervescent, kind and focused.

Step 10: Be an all-star ice hockey player.

Step 11: Schedule your alumni interview at a coffee shop and instruct friends to casually stop by.

Step 12: Be very rich. Or very poor. Or the child of an alum.

Step 13: Hurry up.