In my e-mail bag today:

We just found out that we will be moving from Los Angeles this summer for my husband’s job.  I have a 1st grader and a 4th grader.  Can you help me?

The answer:

I have been helping American and international relocating families find private school places in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale, and Westchester for the past thirteen years.  It’s the rule rather than the exception that these relocating families contact me after the regular admissions season.  Job transfers and relocations tend to occur on their own schedule, not that of the private schools.  Hence, there’s almost always a scramble.

With my relocating families, I help them identify all feasible school options, including public and private.  For private, I help families understand which schools are most desirable, which are most likely to have openings, and how best families can operate to ensure that their child snags the available seat.

Over the years, my relocating clients have found places at Dalton, Sacred Heart, Marymount, UNIS, Calhoun, City & Country, as well as many, many other schools.

For more info about NYC private school admission for relocating families, click here.