Attention parents who want to get some sense of how their preschoolers will score on the ERB:  Bright Kids has a new workbook just for you, right in time for ERB prep season.

ERB WPPSI III Practice Test

According to Bright Kids,

The Bright Kids ERB-WPPSI-III Practice Test provides parents with a home assessment tool to evaluate their child’s strengths and weaknesses on eight of the WPPSI-III subtests given by the ERB: Vocabulary, Comprehension, Word Reasoning, Similarities, Block Design, Matrix Reasoning, Coding, and Picture Concepts. The ERB-WPPSI-III Practice Test consists of 2 books: Instructions and Scoring Manual and a Stimulus book that covers the entire picture-based questions on the test. Blocks are included with this practice test as well.

I wish I had stock in this item.  It will be hot.  Sorry kids.