In my e-mail bag today:

Good Morning,

Your site has been immensely helpful to me as I plan my son’s education.  I live in New Rochelle, my son will be 3 in September and I am looking at preschools in Westchester.  My plan is to apply to independent schools in Manhattan and Riverdale for Kindergarten.

Mohawk on your list of top schools  in Westchester and I’ve heard amazing things about the school, but it’s far and is in the opposite direction from my job.  I am thinking about Mount Tom Day School in New Rochelle .   I am not sure it you do this, but I would really appreciate your thoughts on Mount Tom and their reputation.  I’ve asked  the school director and she was pretty vague about where the kids go after they leave Mt Tom.  Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

My thoughts are that I have known many children who have attended Mount Tom nursery school.  It is an academically-oriented, well-managed nursery school with numerous excellent teachers.  I think this is a fine place to start a child’s education before moving on to private continuing school in Manhattan, Riverdale, or Westchester.

Mount Tom does not do much with independent school placement–it might be smart to hire an educational consultant like me to assist you with your search and application.  Think about this in January of your child’s 3’s year.  Good luck!