John strode out into the waiting room.  “You’re the Greens, I presume?”

“Yes, we are,” said Chris and Jessie at the same time, standing up and energetically shaking his hand.

“I’m John MacLaine, a senior at Navy School.  I’ve matriculated at this fine institution for thirteen years.  I’ll be interviewing you.”

“Great,” said Jessie, thinking this was normal procedure.  “It’s nice to meet you.  It will be interesting for us to get a real student’s perspective.”

“Yes, that certainly will be educational for you.  Come, let’s go down to the subterranean level, where we will be conducting our meeting.  I’d like to learn more about you and your lovely daughter, and tell you more about our illustrious institution.”

“Awesome,” said Chris.  “We’ve read a lot about Navy School and we want to learn more.  Caitlyn is a terrific girl.  From what we understand, we think she’d be happy here.”

“I read about Caitlyn.  She certainly did sound terrific.”  John was gratified he actually had read about Caitlyn and not chucked her file.  Although if he had chucked it, he had total confidence in himself that he could still handle this situation with total aplomb.  That was the kind of guy he was.

Normally, Navy students weren’t supposed to take the elevator, but John figured today was a special situation so it was permissible.  He escorted Jessie and Chris into the elevator, and with a straight face, asked Mr. Briggs to take them to the subterranean level.  John led them to the small, dank room.

“Won’t you take a chair?” he asked, holding the folding chair for Jessie.  As she and Chris squatted down into their seats, he said, “I regret that it’s a tad damp down here.  There are just so many people applying to Navy that we have to use any office available for interviewing.  I know when you see our world-class facilities, you will witness for yourself why the school is so popular.  So, you wrote that Caitlyn enjoys music?”

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