Willa, the admissions director, had her secretary bring John, the admissions intern, into the office.  “John, it’s clear to me from your work so far that you understand our goals in the admissions office.  I believe you have the maturity to handle a parent interview.  I’d like to give you a special opportunity today to meet the Green family.”  Willa handed John the card with the family’s names.

“Sure, Mrs. Phillips.  The Greens?  I never heard of them.”

John was a natural.  Willa loved John.

“I haven’t either, John.  But perhaps there is something desirable about them?” Willa said doubtfully.  “That is what I am trusting in you to find out.”  She gave him their file.

“Where do you want me to meet with them?”  John asked.  He wondered if he would sit in Willa’s office in her ornately carved chair.

“There’s a little room in the basement, near where Mr. Briggs keeps his janitorial supplies.  Can you bring three folding chairs down there?” …  to be continued.

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