Back in the day, the people I knew who attended Stuyvesant liked to program, build bridges, play chess, and smoke pot.

It’s not so laid-back anymore.  Have you seen all the storefronts devoted to Stuyvesant Specialized High Schools Admissions Test prep?

If you can afford it, get a tutor.  Contact me for the best Stuyvesant tutors: one of them used to give talks at Stuyvesant with me.

If you can’t, take a class.  Be careful at these storefront places that they’re not just mindless drill-and-kill.  Make sure they’re actually teaching to the Stuyvesant test.

A great prep book to get:

Cracking the New York City Specialized High Schools Admissions Test

And finally, a book about Stuyvesant, as well as other top NYC public high schools: 

New York City’s Best Public High Schools