Don’t just hire any old tutor off the street.  Particularly if you are hiring for ERB, ISEE, Sci HIgh (SHSAT), Hunter or any other admissions test prep, you want to make sure that you are hiring a pro.

  1. Set measurable goals.  Your tutor should help you set a benchmark for where your child’s learning is now, and where you’d like it to go.  For test prep, many tutors can have kids take a preliminary practice test.
  2. Make sure your child likes the tutor or tutoring will go nowhere.  There needs to be a good fit between tutor and student.
  3. Understand in advance how many hours and sessions the tutor recommends.
  4. What is the tutor’s track record?  How long has he or she been in business?  Can you speak to satisfied clients?  How has he or she trained?  Did she just pick up a Barron’s book at Barnes and Noble or does she have something more?
  5. Is the tutor a freelancing math teacher trying to pick up a few bucks, or someone who actually has experience teaching to a specific test?  Is he or she expert in test taking strategies and timing?

If you need referrals to a top ISEE, SSAT, Stuyvesant, or Hunter tutor, I have them.  Contact me.