As part of my educational consulting programs, I offer “Preschoolers’ Prep”.  Preschoolers’ Prep helps families understand what skills and abilities private school admissions directors seek from child kindergarten applicants.  Admissions directors evaluate children for kindergarten based upon their ERB score, child interview, and school report.

The right toys and workbooks can help preschoolers develop many of the skills required for admission.  When I work with parents, I recommend a personalized “ERB Kit”, customized based upon the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Here are a few goodies from this kit:

I Can Draw Animals Helps children get accustomed to drawing more detailed pictures.

Block Buddies  Good practice copying designs using manipulatives.

Triangular Colored Pencils  Helps children develop a better grip.

For a personal consultation about your child, send an email to eglickman(at) 

Limited enrollment available so reserve your child’s space.