Fictional Parent Statement
Navy School

Your school (Navy) is expensive, but we can afford it. With our annual bonuses and pay packages, we are in a very good position. We also think we can really get the bidding going at the annual fundraiser. A student-created quilt would be just the thing for our foyer, and we have always wanted to have a well-known chef come to our place to make dinner for our ten closest friends. Our kitchen is quite large by Manhattan standards.

Our dear friends Phil Ridge (Board member) and Linda James (Parents Association President) have both assured us that The Navy School is truly worthy of its outstanding reputation. Our beloved neighbor Jean Brown (Class Mom, field trip escort, donor of note) informed us that your teachers are truly dedicated. Bob’s partner Jeffrey Kittle (spouse of Lyla, organizer of this year’s Winter Fundraiser) affirmed the small size of your classes and the comprehensiveness of your program.

We know Navy would be just the right place for our son Peter. Peter has so many strengths, and so few weaknesses, that we know admitting him would only burnish Navy’s already stellar status.

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