UrbanBaby’s school board featured this post today: 

Dc had a Verbal vs. Performance gap on her ERBs (79 & 94). I took her to see an ed. psych. and the conclusion was that she may have some receptive issues (e.g. doesn’t listen to the whole question, or picks out part of the questions w/o integrating the whole). The psych. stressed that bcs she has great visual/spatial skills that we look into getting a language therapist to improve her language skills. Any recs for a therapist who’s good with 4yos in Manhattan? 29 replies

Somebody else responded:

OMG, please tell me this is a joke! Your kid is 4!!! Seriously, find something else to spend your money on.

Who’s right?  If I were the mom, I would call Toby Glick at ParentConfidante for help (646-300-1881).  It’s hard knowing when a child really does have special needs and when it’s a professional making a mountain out of a molehill.  Toby can help you sort it out.