Summer is almost here. At this time of year, we help our clients plan their children’s summers. Some of our tips:


All day day camp, run outside of nursery school, is a terrific way for your child to develop new relationships, skills and confidence as they socialize, play, and learn. Activities like arts and crafts, sports, and group games promote creativity, physical skills, verbal skills and teamwork. Every year, we are amazed and thrilled to see how our clients blossom after the summer.

Kindergarten-3rd Grade:

Enjoy the summer! This is your child’s time to relax. Go to day camp, the pool, travel, etc.

4th grade-8th Grade, specifically if you are applying to private school for middle school or high school. Heavy up resume building from two summers before applying to a new school.

Day camp and overnight camp allow kids to make new friends, experience the outdoors, and participate in activities such as swimming, hiking, and canoeing. Campers are also exposed to new challenges and responsibilities, such as keeping their living spaces clean and cooperating. These experiences can help kids develop independence, confidence, and problem-solving skills.

If private school applications are on the horizon, summer is also a time to build resumes. Kids should further develop their skills in sports, arts and academics. Many students also start volunteering and figuring out what causes matter to them. They develop relationships with mentoring adults.

And, of course, they should read.

High School

For high school students, we recommend spending the summer participating in activities that can build their resumes and help prepare them for college and future careers. Internships, volunteer work, and academic programs can provide valuable experience and help students explore their interests and passions, which can be invaluable when it comes time to choose a college, major, and career path.