Thanks to Robert Marchant of Greenwich Time, who brilliantly covers the trend toward private schools changing from the spartan academies of yesteryear to the amenity-packed luxury facilities of today: “Greenwich Private Schools in Building Boom”.

Marchant describes how Greenwich’s four largest private schools in Connecticut are planning to expand their properties, sports facilities and amenities, following a billion-dollar building boom at private schools in New York City over the past decade. The competition for high-achieving students from well-heeled families who can choose between the city or the suburbs, especially in the era of work-from-home accommodations, is leading to new demand for Greenwich and Westchester schools.

“I see this as an arms race between luxury private schools,” said Emily Glickman, who runs a consulting business that helps families with admissions to private schools in New York City, Greenwich and Westchester County, N.Y. “Since COVID, especially, there’s been an increased demand for entry into suburban private schools, top private schools in Westchester and Greenwich. And it makes sense schools want to offer more amenities to wealthy families who are demanding them.”

Private schools are building impressive facilities to attract wealthy families, who are demanding eye-catching signature programs. The expansion also involves acquisition of new land, which could create faculty housing, an important factor in attracting teachers to live in a town with very high housing costs.

Greenwich Country Day School, Brunswick School, Greenwich Academy, and Sacred Heart Greenwich have submitted plans for expansion. Greenwich Country Day School has received $12 million from alum Donovan Mitchell for a gym and basketball court. Greenwich Academy completed a $64 million reconstruction project in 2021 and is looking to acquire 54-acres of a former Rockefeller estate. Brunswick School is looking to acquire the former Carmel Academy site to turn it into an early childhood education center and housing for faculty, and Sacred Heart Greenwich has submitted plans for a new golf practice area, a new field, a running track, and more tennis courts.

Thanks to Robert Marchant for all this excellent private school information, considered and analyzed for the first time and seen as part of wider trends.