Abacus Mom received the following information from BASIS Independent Schools today:

With two campuses in New York City—their flagship in Red Hook, Brooklyn (Preschool–Grade 12), and their newest location on the Upper West Side (PreK–8)—BASIS Independent Schools are quickly becoming a mainstay in the New York City school landscape.

The schools have seen incredible growth since opening: their Brooklyn school has just a few seats open for next year and their Manhattan campus – having just opened this fall – is poised to grow their nearly 170 count student body by leaps and bounds next year.

So, what are BASIS Independent Schools all about? They fashion themselves as a unique option amidst the vast number of prized independent schools in our city. Their mission is to raise the standards of student learning to the highest international levels. They teach a curriculum they’ve developed and honed for nearly 20 years since the first BASIS Curriculum Schools campus opened – a curriculum that consists of an impressive range of classes, such as Engineering and Mandarin starting as young as kindergarten, a project-based Connections classes where students solve complex challenges with the knowledge they’ve gained from their other subjects, and three science classes taken simultaneously in middle school.  And that’s just a few examples.

BASIS Independent Schools teachers are not only subject experts, but have a true passion to inspire students to love every subject. In the primary grades, each class has different Subject Expert Teachers for each subject and a Learning Expert Teacher that stays with them throughout the day, helping to curate their learning experience, ensuring needs are met, and focusing on student mastery.

The culture of the program is one that places an emphasis on and celebrates hard work, effort, and the value of learning from mistakes. The school believes that any motivated student can achieve academic excellence, and that hard work and intellectual pursuits result in extraordinary outcomes.

Extraordinary, indeed, are the outcomes of a BASIS Curriculum Schools education. BASIS Curriculum Schools occupy 5 of the top ten spots on U.S. News and World Report list of Best High Schools. Not to mention, their students have accumulated some impressive and highly selective colleges and universities acceptances, and most importantly, the honed the skills to be successful in any pursuit they choose. 

There are a few upcoming opportunities to learn more about BASIS Independent Brooklyn & BASIS Independent Manhattan in the coming weeks:

BASIS Independent Brooklyn                                           BASIS Independent Manhattan

Primary Night | December 7 | 6:30 PM                                  PreK–K Introduction | November 30 | 6 PM

Open House | January 20 | 9 AM                                            Information Session | December 6 | 6 PM

                                                                                                   Open House | January 20 | 10 AM

 Both campuses offer tours weekly and are accepting applications for 2018 Admissions.

 Read more about the campuses at basisindependent.com/nyc