Abacus Mom recently received this information from Lawrence Woodmere Academy, which is actively seeking students from the Manhattan / Brooklyn Area to attend its beautiful 10 acre campus:

Now in our second century, Lawrence Woodmere Academy prides itself as an outstanding college preparatory school. Founded in 1912, our founding families understood the importance of being responsive to the individual needs of every student. Our goal of academic excellence is supported by small classes, an innovative curriculum, and a superb faculty. Our four guiding principles make this commitment clear:

We value our culturally diverse student body.
We seek to develop empathy and understanding.
We recognize that flexible problem solving requires considering more than one point of view.
We support individual strengths and learning difference.

We feature a program that reflects a global curriculum. This sentiment is expressed when we say that our students are “at home with the world.” We see this as essential to the success of our students after graduation. We are proud of the success of decades of alumni who consistently tell us that the education we provided prepared them well for the future.

Everything we do at Lawrence Woodmere Academy is intentionally designed to build confidence and success for all our students. To achieve this goal, we focus on realizing the potential of each individual student. Content and skills are taught in an environment that customizes the learning process, enabling every student to achieve their very best. We are proud of the fact that 100% of our graduates attend colleges and that our college list continues to be impressive.

Lawrence Woodmere Academy believes in developing good citizens of the world. We begin this process by understanding what is needed to create a positive school community. Our head teachers and advisors spend a significant amount of time teaching community values. The lessons our students learn to support the development of good character are perhaps the most important outcomes of our program. Each morning I stand in the front hall to greet every student with a handshake. We make eye contact and a positive tone is set for the day. This is just one way that we underscore the importance of community.

For More Information & to set up a tour, please contact the admissions office @ 516-394-1817 or email admissions@lawrencewoodmere.org