To the relief of many Columbia Grammar and Prep families distressed at increased levels of security at school, the Trumps have withdrawn their son. According to my sources as well as Vanity Fair, many Columbia Grammar parents were stressed with the first son in attendance and welcome what should now be relaxed security.

Now Barron is to attend St. Andrew’s School in Potomac, MD, the first presidential child ever to go there. According to my colleagues in DC, St. Andrew’s is a lower-profile school dedicated to educating all kinds of learners within the Episcopalian tradition. While pundits expected a more conventional choice, a big-name and conservative school, they were wrong.

St. Andrew’s is an intriguing school. I respect that it seeks to help all students with all levels of ability. It is easy to teach traditionally bright students, and much harder to help those who need more support in their learning. The school’s Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning is specifically dedicated to using the latest educational research to help all students.