Manhattan boarding school…sound like something your child would be interested in? Right now, New York City has one boarding school: Leman Manhattan.  The Manhattan boarding school attracts high school students from all over the world.

Given the explosion of highly affluent international families looking to educate their children in American universities, it isn’t surprising that more and more families are looking to send their children to boarding school in the US, and especially in Manhattan, the most international of cities.

Fascinatingly, while New England and other places offer many options, right now, NYC offers just Leman Manhattan.

I’m sure this will change soon. With so many international educational companies looking to expand, New York City is an obvious choice. As a consultant, I regularly get calls from international families, wealth and real estate consultants to these families and investors looking for market advice. Manhattan boarding school is highly attractive to many families.

Business Insider gives a fun photographic tour of Leman Manhattan. The Times profiled it in 2013.