With all the new New York City private schools opening, it is not surprising that shortly after, some new New York City private schools are already closing. Manhattan is a tough market, and not every private school can make it.

The Rocket Group, an education group that purchased the Mandell School in 2013, closed it only three years later, announcing that 2016-2017 would be the school’s last year in operation for K-8.

Now another casualty.  The New York International School, chartered by the British Schools Foundation, lasted just two years after moving into Trevor Day School’s old elementary school building, part of the Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest, on East 90th Street.

The British Schools Foundation runs about 10 schools around the world, as well as the New York International School.  The NYIS offers a US curriculum from a global perspective, and a dual language program in Spanish or Mandarin.  According to Wikipedia, the New York International School will be closed “due to the failure of the Board of Directors”, after only two school years.

I feel sorry for all these families needing new private schools ASAP!  That is the problem with enrolling in new schools.  Some percentage of them will fail.  As an educational consultant, I make it my business to advise my clients on which new schools seem most stable and likely to succeed.