Numerous Manhattan families have asked me about downtown’s Blue School.  Since I know numerous Blue School students, I always share their parents’ reviews with my private school consulting clients.

Blue School will be opening a middle school in 2015.  According to Allison Gaines Pell, Head of School:

We are designing our program to inspire students to high levels of academic scholarship and to develop their abilities to be self-directed learners. Like our pre-kindergarten through fifth grade program, we intend to acknowledge the power of their ideas, their ability to independently use resources and work together on projects, and ultimately to find answers that not only help them fill in the correct circle on a test, but help them envision and create a better future. Through the integration of tried and true thinking on project- and problem-based learning, the best ideas from the Maker movement, and cutting-edge application of STEAM not as a place or person but as a framework for thinking, we work to align what we want to see in the world with what we do in school each day.

For New York families looking to learn more about Blue School:

  • OPEN HOUSE, May 14 from 6:00-7:30 at 241 Water Street.
  • TOURS, every Tuesday at 10:30 and Thursday at 9:30.  Families can RSVP directly.