Brooklyn school consultants are the subject of Sophia Hollander of The Wall Street Journal’s Brooklyn Sees Growth in Schools Consultants Handful of Experts Guide Parents Through Process of Finding Top Schools

I entered Packer as a kindergartener in 1974.  The Brooklyn private schools scene was a little different back then.

My parents interviewed, but I didn’t.  We applied only to Packer, because my mother didn’t like that Saint Ann’s kids did math on the floor (and had drug problems).  We applied to one school, and I got in.  Good times, the ’70’s.

Since then, I became a Brooklyn private school consultant, helping people with admission to Packer, Saint Ann’s, Berkeley Carroll, Poly Prep, Brooklyn Friends and lately, BASIS.

“The need in Brooklyn for top school seats has not kept pace with the number of Brooklynites,” said Emily Glickman, a Manhattan-based consultant who also works with Brooklyn families.

Ms. Glickman estimated that the number of Brooklyn families she works with has more than doubled since she started consulting in 1999. They now constitute a quarter of her business, she said.

“I have a job because we’re living with a system that’s really hard for people,” she said. “Right now, Brooklyn families are very tense.”

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