Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Riverdale families fleeing Common Core testing are seeking out NYC private schools, according to Avi Wolfman-Arent of Uptown Radio:  Courting Common Core’s Discontents

Wolfman-Arent interviewed me for the story; transcript below.

But private school admissions consultant Emily Glickman says just because parents oppose excessive testing doesn’t mean they’re against the kind of rigor Common Core is designed to deliver.

GLICKMAN: And while they don’t necessarily want standardized testing they do want their children to be reading in kindergarten; they want them to have a strong foundation in reading, writing and math. [0:11]

Besides, Glickman says, private school is a mammoth investment, and parents dodging tests still want results.

GLICKMAN: If I’m going to spend 40,000, 45,000 dollars, which is what private school costs, my child better be getting something out of it. [0:09]