At this time of year, I regularly take calls from parents whose children got waitlisted or worse, rejected, everywhere.  Typically the conversation starts like this:

Caller:  “Hi, this is Jane Jones.  My child got waitlisted everywhere.  I just heard about your service from my friend Mary Cohen.  She said she used you and her son got into Collegiate.  I just wish I had known about your services earlier.  Can you help me now?”

The answer is, sometimes I can.  I have tips for getting into Manhattan, Brooklyn and Riverdale private schools last minute, certain schools tend to have last minute openings, and I can discuss other options with parents.  I have had many, many clients and some friends with public school children so I also can advise about starting education at public school and later switching over to private.

If your child will be applying to NYC private school this fall, it’s most strategic to start your search and planning now.  The earlier you start, the better you and your child can look, and the more doors that may be open for your child.

My Private School Admissions Support Program has sold out every year for the last decade, so please reserve your child’s place early.  212-712-2228 or NYC’s best educational consultant