For fifteen years, I have helped rising Manhattan, Brooklyn and Westchester high school and middle school students get into their dream NYC private schools.  Very often my students receive multiple accceptances.

What’s my secret?

  • I help families identify the NYC private schools where I think their children have the best shot of admission.  At this point, I have worked with many hundreds of students so I have a long history from which to draw.
  • I help students improve their resumes so they will be the most attractive candidates possible.  I frequently suggest specific activities based upon students’ experiences, backgrounds and interests.
  • I help parents improve their resumes, since parents also matter in the admissions process.
  • I suggest topics for private school admissions essays.  I edit parent and student essays.  With students, I try to keep essays as authentic as possible while also ensuring that a student’s work is sophisticated enough for the school to which they are applying.
  • I coach families on supplementary admissions materials.
  • I prep parents and students for interviews.
  • … and more.

If your child will be applying to middle school or high school at NYC private schools, now is the time to call 212-712-2228 or email New York City’s best private school consultant