If you ran a successful NYC private school, would you urge alumni to hit up other alumni for donations?  Of course.

But perhaps, if these alumni had children going through the admissions process, or even had children who had recently been rejected,  you’d be circumspect?

You certainly wouldn’t name these disappointed parents in a mass email.

Well, Dalton made a little mistake.  And they’re very sorry.  Eliza Shapiro explains in the Daily Beast Elite Dalton School Breaches Privacy—And Gets Away With It

Shapiro writes:

Error or not, New York private school consultants and experts say that despite Thursday’s embarrassing headlines, Dalton will still come out on top in the end.

“Nothing Dalton does would dampen desire for this school,” says Emily Glickman, president of Abacus Guide Educational Consulting, a firm that helps kids get into New York’s top schools. “I think this is a mistake and schools make mistakes. Ultimately no one holds these schools accountable for their mistakes because they want their children to get in.”

Glickman pointed out that Dalton recovered quickly from its most recent wealth-related scandal. In September, the Daily News revealed that application forms for Dalton asked parents to fill in their title—and options included Princess, Senator and Ambassador.