Currently I send my free NYC Private School Admissions Newsletter to over 1700 New Yorkers who have asked to subscribe.  The newsletter goes out monthly.  Every month, I get a few emails that say things like:

“Thank you so much!  I love your admissions newsletter!  It is so informative.”

I just saw a former client at a summer pool party, and he told me:

“Emily, I love your admissions newsletter because it makes me so grateful that my son goes to Horace Mann now.   Have to admit I am filled with Schadenfreude.  I also love getting your birds-eye view of private school admissions.”

Whatever your reason may be, now is your special chance to subscribe.  For a limited time, email, with subject line “Subscribe me”  NYC Private School Newsletter.  Best for families seeking schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale, and Westchester.