Leman Manhattan Preparatory School announced on its website recently:  Exclusive First Look at the New Advertising Campaign

Leman, witnessing the extraordinary success of Avenues’ advertising campaign (effective ads that ran in many major publications including The New York Times, New Yorker, New York, and more), seems to want in on the enrollment action.  Avenues, which hasn’t even opened yet, has through effective marketing convinced many hundreds of families that it’s a desirable choice for private school.  In my own experience, many families are deeply intrigued by Avenues, particularly those with an international background.  (Other families want to see it open before they apply.)

Leman already exists, with a clear mission:  an emphasis on critical thinking –always popular with parents, personal learning plans, and “measured achievement” versus the ERB’s standardized test the CTP4.   The school also offers “elite boarding”, a program that allows foreign students to attend, as well as college counseling starting from the 6th grade.

No Mandarin in Lower School though.  Mandarin is a key selling point for Avenues.  At Leman Mandarin starts in Middle School.  In my experience Mandarin is hot–many people apply to Avenues just for their dual-language offering.