It’s May, and families in the know are already working on compiling their NYC private schools lists for applying this fall.  Whether you’re looking at private schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale, or Westchester, for your child’s sake, don’t fall into these common traps:

  1. Considering only schools that your preschool or exmissions director recommends.  Remember, she has her own agenda which may not be the same as yours.  You want to place your child into the best possible private school.   She wants to place all her students.
  2. Considering only schools that your mother, neighbor, or best friend recommends.  Chances are they don’t know the whole New York landscape, and their information could well be thirty years out of date.
  3. Considering only Dalton, Trinity and Collegiate (boy) or Dalton, Trinity, and Chapin (girl).  While admission into one of these schools would certainly be dreamy, there are thousands of NYC parents with the exact same idea.  It’s more strategic to expand your list and learn about other desirable options.

All season, I have been helping Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Westchester families make strategic and savvy school choices.  If you need help with any aspect of the private school admissions process, email me now at eglickman(at) or call 212-712-2228 to discuss.