If you’re like many New Yorkers, you’re wondering how Avenues’ debut is going.  Many of us want to know if Avenues’ reality lives up to the lofty expectations.

 So I consulted my sources.  Early reports are mostly favorable.  This is what I am hearing:

  • Successful opening and orientation, kids felt welcome
  • Suri Cruise’s presence a fun plus
  • Groundbreaking technical innovation–assignments via iPad, lessons and curriculum stored on iPad, teacher-student interaction via email and uploaded video assignments
  • Some early technical glitches that were straightened out
  • Harkness Table classroom configuration
  • High level academics in core subjects, emphasis on writing
  • School values parental input, and curriculum is being adjusted as needed
  • School has a corporate feel
  • Kids with problems may not be supported

So it wasn’t just hype.  Other than the last point, very impressive, Avenues.  Like many of us, I look forward to continuing to watch this school’s growth.