I was surprised yesterday when I opened my email to find that the the non-profit Educational Records Bureau has hired a web marketing firm.  They are doing a lot of marketing work over there.  Last year they changed their web address from erbtest.org to the more palatable and PC erblearn.org.   Now the ERB is apparently working on its SEO.

Given the rise in ERB test-takers recently reported in the Times, business is good at the ERB, as well as at the test prep companies.  The search term “ERB test prep” is increasingly competitive.

Here’s what the web marketer wrote me:

My name is <  > and I am contacting you in regards to a blog post that you posted on your site, http://abacusmom.com/abacus_mom/erb-prep/ . I noticed that this post on your site is dedicated to the ERB Comprehensive Testing Program for admission into private school. I wanted to reach out to you because I currently work for a small marketing agency and the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) is a client of mine. On behalf of ERB, I was wondering if it would be possible to build connection by placing a link to http://erblearn.org on this page of your web site where ERB is mentioned. The purpose of the link is to show support for the ERB program and to provide the readers of your site with a resource in case they would like to learn more about the testing program. As a representative of ERB, it is my job to get in touch with the schools, organizations, facilities, etc. who have implemented the program or support it.

ERB appreciates your support and since you already mention it on your site, I was hoping we could build a connection. I would greatly appreciate it if you would talk with your webmaster and see if it would be possible to place a link.

ERB, thank you for your request.  I’ll be glad to trade links.

One thought on “Educational Records Bureau (ERB) Has a Request For You

  1. Hi Emily,

    We’d welcome a shout out for SSATB too on your blog. We are seeing increased numbers of NYC students using our test in recent years. We are in growth mode and are serving over 70,000 students with our admission test — both in the US and abroad — in 2012.

    All best, Heather Hoerle, Executive Director, SSATB

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