From British International School of New York today:

Dear Emily,

I trust all is well with you, and that the spring has been a good one so far.

I wanted to reach out and take this opportunity to forward to you an inspection report that BIS-NY received last week in the wake of a three month period of pre-inspection and the four day on-site inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

We are very proud of the contents of this report and considerate of the recommendations included, but we particularly wanted to share two excerpts that really resonate:

The Success of The School – Main Findings:

“The school is highly successful in meeting its ambitious aims to provide an education for pupils to inspire and stimulate a love of learning, within an international community. Standards of achievement are excellent, and pupils have outstanding speaking, listening and literacy skills for their age.”

and also:

The Effectiveness of Governance, Leadership and Management’ the report cites:
“Directors have invested significantly in human and material resources, and have the well-being and academic success of the pupils as their top priorities”.

As you know, there is considerable disbelief that a school with for-profit status could be run with the education and well-being of its pupils front and center. As much as internally we have always known this to be the case, we feel very validated to be able to share this independent verification that we are achieving our mission with such success. 

Another important milestone has also been reached this year as we have our first (albeit small) graduating class in 8th Grade, and we are equally proud to report that our students have gained acceptances at world class private schools such as Horace Mann, Gifted and Talented programs such as NEST, and from the highly competitive selective schools such as Bronx High School of Science and La Guardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts.

My intent in sending this your way was not to toot our own horn, moreover in these exciting times where we await the success of new schools on the NYC landscape such as Avenues and WCLA, we wanted to share with you how far our ‘new’ school has come.