For many years, some Westchester, Long Island, and New Jersey families have opted for New York City private schools.  Now Winnie Hu of The New York Times breaks the news that the phenomena goes both ways: Private Schools in Suburbs Tap Manhattan Market.  Suburban private schools like Hackley, Dwight-Englewood, and the newly expanding Mohawk are offering school buses to ferry despairing Manhattan students to fairer suburban climes.

I said,

“It has always been difficult getting into kindergarten, but what’s changed is the amount of hassle,” said Emily Glickman, the president of Abacus Guide Educational Consulting. “Now test prep is de rigueur, and you’re applying to more schools.

“You don’t even have your neighborhood school as a backup because of waiting lists.”

Hu explains some of the perceived advantages of suburban private schools, like more space and less tension.  Mohawk’s deluxe playhouse set and Dwight-Englewood’s wild turkeys are added attractions.

Expect more Manhattan families to be adding these three schools to their application lists.