Miriam Souccar of Crain’s New York did an excellent job covering all the new schools opening recently in Manhattan:  Private schools boom.  New schools include Avenues, World Class Learning Academy, The Blue School, and Mandell.  All are hoping to increase seat supply in the Manhattan environment which is notorious for not having enough.  Souccar writes:

Despite the demand, the new schools may still find it a challenge to gain traction in a city dominated by prestigious, longtime institutions like Dalton and Spence.

“New Yorkers want a proven entity, the same group of clubby old schools,” said Emily Glickman, head of Abacus Guide Education Consulting, a firm that helps parents with the application process. “I routinely have parents of three-year-olds talk to me about their dreams of their child going to Harvard. People don’t like risk if they can avoid it for their five-year-old.”