Bright Kids has released the first workbook specifically targeting the WISC, the test required for 2nd-4th grade admission in NYC private school.

ERB/WISC-IV Preparation Guide

Bright Kids says:

The objective of The Bright Kids ERB/WISC-IV Preparation Guide is to provide practice material to help children succeed on this test. This is for children entering 2nd through 4th Grade in New York City, but appropriate for children 6-16 years.The Guide includes:

  • Detailed overview of the WISC-IV and what it measures
  • Description of all 15 WISC-IV subtests
  • Insight into how the ERB administers, scores the test
  • 300 pages, 375+ exercises to practice for the 10 subtests that are administered by the ERB: Vocabulary, Similarities, Comprehension, Information, Arithmetic, Block Design, Matrix Reasoning, Picture Concepts, Coding, and Picture Completion
  • Strategies and recommended activities
  • 18 bi-color blocks