This is a tough time of year for families whose preschoolers are developing at their own pace.  Sometimes preschool directors and others suggest to parents that children were shut out of schools because they have special needs.

In twelve years of tracking, I have come to believe that much diagnosis of four-year-olds is faulty and often unnecessarily distressing to families.  That said, kids can often benefit from early intervention.  If you’re looking for the right school placement or the right therapist for your child, a good ear and excellent advice, I strongly recommend that you call Toby Glick.  If you have a special needs child or know someone who does who needs help, you can reach Toby at 646-300-1881 or Toby(at) Many families around Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester and New Jersey are deeply grateful to Toby for the help and direction she has given them.

One thought on “Shut Out Because Your Child May Have “Special Needs”?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The misdiagnoses causes an incredible amount of duress to new parents. P.S. The link you included to Parent Confidante is broken.

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