An email from a client yesterday whose child was accepted into a top tier kindergarten (with identifying details removed for privacy):


As usual you were right!  Thank you very much for such invaluable help.  It was quite a tortuous  experience, but with you as our guiding light we felt confortable all the way.  My wife reminded me just now that it was your counseling  on interviews that played a crucial role in our interview at <top 3 school where child was accepted>.  We had your interview outline in our minds and just answered the questions without her asking them.  Also, you basically rewrote the entire final paragraph in our essay and made a key point that the admissions director told our preschool director was a key reason for accepting us. In short, we are unbelievably happy and we owe it in large part to you.  I hope we can work together again in the future when our younger child applies to private schools.  Do you have a special package for second children?