People often ask me where you can find ERB / WPPSI III practice tests.

Two companies sell them, Aristotle Circle and Bright Kids.  The next natural question: Which ERB workbook to get?

Aristotle Circle’s costs $200 more, but is a little longer and more brightly colored.  Families I have worked with have used both Bright Kids’ and Aristotle Circle’s ERB / WPPSI III prep workbooks successfully.

Aristotle Circle says they have sample ERB / WPPSI III practice tests in their workbook:

Aristotle Circle ERB/WPPSI-III Workbook .

For practice, if not a full lenth practice test, Bright Kids NYC writes they have an “exercise book” in their

ERB Preparation Guide.

Some parents also like approaching the test from a psychologist’s perspective.  They often buy

Essentials of WPPSI-III Assessment.

This year, everyone I spoke to prepped in one way or the other, and many sought a full-length ERB practice test.  Since the ERB itself published prepping material, and many nursery schools have incorporated WPPSI prepping into the curriculum, there is widespread and understandable confusion about where the line is between legitimate prep and cheating.  Despite all the talk that private schools would punish preppers, nothing actually changed this year except that many more kids obtained high scores.