Horace Mann Nursery School, on 90th Street between Park and Madison, has the misfortune of being located right next door to Dr. Mitchell J. Blutt’s new home.

Blutt, a physician and head of Consonance Capital, has chosen to move into not one but three townhouses, which he is in the process of combining.  Blutt has demolished everything but the landmarked facades and now has a crew of workers hard at work constructing what is said to be a swimming pool in his new basement.

Unfortunately, 90th Street is not in Greenwich.  In Manhattan, basements sit on bedrock, so if you want a subterranean swimming pool, you have to blast through with jack hammers.  Pity Horace Mann’s poor preschoolers as well as hundreds of Blutt’s neighbors as they now listen to jack hammering from 7:30am until nightfall, day after day.

Dr. Blutt, please show some consideration for your neighbors.