Dear Abacus Mom,

Our family will shortly be applying to NYC private school kindergarten.  What books do you recommend?

Downtown Mom

Dear Downtown Mom,

Manhattan and Brooklyn families we know applying to private school kindergarten have typically liked to stock up on the following books:

Testing for Kindergarten 

If you do everything Karen Quinn recommends in Testing for Kindergarten, you’ll get your kid in, turn into the Tiger Mother, or maybe both.

Manhattan Family Guide to Private School Kindergarten

After all these years, still the only guide to the New York City private schools not written by the private schools.  (They don’t call them private for nothing!)

Aristotle Circle ERB / WPPSI III Workbook

If you’ve got the cash, they’ve got the ERB prep workbook.

The Kindergarten Wars

You knew getting in was a battle, but a war?

Where Does Caitlyn Go To School?

So cynical, already?  Insights and tips.