Colin Raybin, President of Private School Edge, a well-respected Manhattan tutoring firm, sent Abacus Mom the following info about her firm’s approach to the ERB kindergarten test.  Private School Edge, a tutoring company geared to the needs of private school students in New York City, has launched a new manual for the ERB Kindergarten Test.

Our approach to the test is to not only address test-specific items, but also to work on the test material in a non-direct approach as well. This holistic approach to the material will aid in preparing the child with skills that are not only essential to the test, but also essential for Kindergarten preparedness.  We offer reliable tutoring services to students and parents with a positive, well-rounded approach to test preparation.

The author  has her Masters of Education in Human Development and Psychology  from Harvard University and her undergraduate degree in the Biological Basis of Behavior and Psychology from University of Pennsylvania. In addition, the author has worked as the Director of Exmissions, the Head Pre-Kindergarten teacher at her preschool, and has tutored and mentored elementary and early childhood students academically and in test preparation skills for years.

Ms. Raybin, the Managing Editor for this book, brings 12 years of test preparation to the manual. In addition to tutoring for the ERB and SSAT for a dozen years, she contributed to the Cracking the ISEE/SSAT book found in bookstores nationwide for a number of years and updated the most recent edition of the manual. She has coached hundreds of students through the private school admissions and testing process in New York City.

 Colin Raybin can be reached at 212- 372-3071 or