Here at Abacus Guide Educational Consulting, we help families in NYC and around the world prepare for private school interviews.  Whether it’s a nervous parent or an inexperienced incoming middle or high schooler, we’ll help you know what’s asked and help you perform your very best at private school interviews.  You won’t make costly mistakes and you’ll be ready to shine.

One New England client sent us this email this week:

So, our interview went very well, I thought.  My husband, having realized how unprepared he was during our phone call with you, was finally willing to “study” with me last weekend, which helped him immensely–excellent wake-up call! We used many of your phrasings, too, that sounded elegant and polished. Though we have some significant disadvantages in applying to this highly selective school, our best advantage has been our preparation for this interview. Thank you for being instrumental! Fingers crossed!!

If you need private school interview or essay assistance, secure your spot now.  We prep families in person, and by phone and Skype.  Call 212-712-2228 or email eglickman(at) today.