As everyone who has dealt with Trinity School knows, their application process leaves a lot to be desired.

Trinity uploaded its application, including one page essay, the day after Labor Day.  Almost immediately, parents scrambled to return it in hopes of landing an interview.  Remember–this application contained a one-page essay.  That’s not easy to return on the same day or the day after.

Trinity has created and fed this admissions frenzy.  For years, Trinity has not publicly explained why they interview some applicants and not others, causing families to think they need to return the application the same day in order to score a chance.  Now, this year, barely a week after applications were released (and many parents returned them), Trinity continues to sow confusion by sending out postcards to many of these same applicants that state they might interview them, but then again they might not.  They don’t give a reason why.

Is this the way to treat families who are trying to do their best by their children?  Obviously not.

When Trinity does deign to interview a family, they do it in the company of another family.  That’s not respectful either.

Of all the private schools in the city, none treat parents as cavalierly as Trinity.  Their admission strategy seems quite simple.  Make the club harder to join and more people will want it.

I would expect more from what is supposedly such a fine school.