The other day I had a client meeting with a very sweet mom who was embarrassed about “name dropping” at interviews.

I told her not to be embarrassed.  I also gave her some advice about name dropping: when it’s a good idea, and when it’s not.

But let’s get this straight: most private schools love to name drop themselves.  Over the years, I have dealt with a number of prominent entertainment personalities.  In every case, when the individual was a well-spoken, conservative celebrity (ie, not Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian), private schools gave them the red carpet:  interviewing on and off the regular schedule at the individual’s convenience, giving some leeway about ERB scores, and in many cases accepting off schedule.

Clearly, prominent parents give private schools cachet, just as they do new condos, Caribbean islands, or new makeup lines.  Where celebrities go, other families follow, and that’s important to most schools.