Auditory Processing Disorder is when your brain hears sound, but can’t make proper sense of it.  One popular book says that having APD is like hearing sound through water.  Having auditory processing disorder can hold a child back socially, academically, and emotionally.

Over the years, many of my clients have reported that their children have received an auditory processing disorder diagnosis.  When they have, I’ve referred them to Toby Glick at ParentConfidante.  Toby reads through testing reports, and gives parents referrals to qualified audiologists, speech therapists, and social skills therapists, and tips them off to helpful software and books.

I mention this today because of one of the moms I referred to Toby called me today.  Her daughter, given an auditory processing disorder diagnosis 2 1/2 years ago, has made such great progress that she is graduating from speech therapy at the end of June.  Mom attributes her daughter’s success to her hard work with a superb therapist and the ongoing support Toby gave her.

So if auditory processing disorder is holding your child back, please know that many children make amazing progress.  I hope that yours does too.  Getting an auditory processing disorder diagnosis can be a great blow, but fortunately, help is available and kids can improve a lot with the right help.  You can reach Toby at toby (at) or call her at 646-300-1881.  Good luck!