Special Needs issues—whether speech, language, physical or social—are  not easy.  At Abacus Guide, here’s what I’ve heard from families:

*  Their nursery school director, teacher, or others say their preschool-aged child may have special needs.  Families sometimes also suspect a problem, but other times they believe their school is “overdiagnosing”;

*  Clinicians rush to label children but do little to help them;

*  Children receive assistance, but the therapy’s benefit is unclear;

*  …and more.

Having a special needs child or special needs-suspected child can be hard for parents.  You may feel lonely, angry, inadequately knowledgeable, worried, the list goes on.  I’ve met so many affected families.  They’ve almost all been seeking a trusted friend and advisor, someone to whom they can confide and rely.

That’s why I’m so excited about a new service, ParentConfidante Special Needs Consulting.  Run by Toby Glick MS, an experienced school psychologist and former CPSE Chairperson, as well as a long-time advocate for special needs children and their parents, Parent Confidante is the only service of its kind.  Toby helps children reach their maximum potential, and she supports parents at every step. Toby is an expert at evaluating students, making sure they receive the services that matter from the best providers, recommending the right schools, and being there for you for every question that comes up along the way. Toby is your unbiased behind-the-scenes advocate, the expert you can talk to with full confidentiality in the privacy of your home or office.

To reach Toby, call her at her New York office: 646-300-1881, or email her at Toby<at sign>parentconfidante.com to learn about her program’s structure and fees.