How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting NYC and Westchester private school admission? While families are tied up now trying to stay healthy and provisioning, eventually this too shall pass. Whatever happens, the fall 2020 NYC and Westchester private school admissions cycle is not canceled.

NYC private schools are starting to plan what the 2020-2021 admissions picture will look like. The best scenario is it will look exactly the same as usual. The worst? It’s good that you’re getting familiar with Zoom.

If you’re a student who is applying late for fall 2020 admission (which is typical of relocating families and sometimes public school students), you and your parents are interviewing remotely this spring. Definitely easier for middle school and high school applicants than for children applying to kindergarten, unfortunately online interviews are mandatory for everyone.

If God forbid the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and social distancing recommendations continue, online interviewing will be rolled out for fall 2021 admission. Get ready to look good on video!

Private schools need to look good to applicants as well. To show prospective families their stuff,  NYC and Westchester private schools are developing and rolling out web tools such as online video conferencing for information sessions and Open Houses, as well as virtual campus tours.

Testing is also still on the table. Some schools and the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) are working on developing and administering online, probably proctored tests.

Thankfully, this is an evolving situation. Everyone–families and school administrators–want social relations and real, unlocked down life to resume, including a normal fall admissions season. As one private school administrator wrote us,

We have not as yet made any determinations about how the admissions process will work. We will wait to see how the situation with the coronavirus unfolds and make appropriate determinations and adjustments over the summer before the fall admissions season begins.

If you need help with the NYC and private school admissions process, contact us to get on our spring and summer schedule. Fortunately, we have been helping families remotely for 20 years, and have a streamlined, efficient and effective online process for school admissions success.