Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, well known as a financier, started his career in the 1970’s as a teacher at Dalton. Charged this month with sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for sex, Epstein is known as a powerful man about town, consorting with powerful political, royal and entertainment figures. Little known until the Times reported it, is his connection with Dalton.

While Epstein’s behavior as a teacher was “noticed”, thankfully no former students have reported that he sexually abused them. The Times notes:

None of the female students who spoke to The New York Times in recent days remembered Mr. Epstein making unwanted physical contact with them, and he has not been accused of any crimes related to his time at the school.

But a few students said they had been discomfited by a close relationship he had with one of their female peers, a concern that had escalated so much that one of them had raised the issue then to a school administrator.

In 1976, Dalton terminated Epstein, judging that he was inexperienced and not “up to snuff”.