Our friends at TestingMom.com sent Abacus Mom this top SSAT guide for students and parents.

The Secondary School Admissions Test, or the SSAT, is a standardized admissions test that is offered at hundreds of testing centers throughout the United States.  Like the ISEE, the SSAT is a highly popular exam that is used by private middle schools and high schools.  The test is currently being offered to students in grades 3 through 11.

Like the ISEE, the SSAT consists of three levels, which are as follows:

  • The Elementary Level (EL)- Grades 3-4
  • The Middle Level (ML)- Grades 5-7
  • The Upper Level (UL)- Grades 8-11

No matter which level of the test the student completes, the SSAT will always present one with the same three sections. The SSAT consists of several multiple-choice sections that include quantitative (mathematics), reading comprehension, and verbal questions. In addition, the test also includes an unscored essay that is sent to the private schools to which the student is applying. Both the ISEE and SSAT are used for admission to private middle and high schools. Typically, schools will accept either test for admissions, which is great because you and your child have a choice of which test is a better fit for their learning style. If the school gives the student the option of deciding which test they will take, encourage them to choose the one that plays to their strengths!

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